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Over the years we’ve managed to satisfy our clients, and sometimes they even tell us about it.

Here are some of the comments and feedback we’ve received from authors for whom we’ve performed one or more of the services you’ve already read about. In fact, for a number of them we’ve served as a resource for more than one of their creations. And we think the fact that they keep coming back is somehow important.

“The world of book production and book marketing were total mysteries to me, and I entered only reluctantly because it seemed so impossibly complicated. OPA provided assistance and guidance each step of the way. Without them I wouldn’t be looking at the five handsome publications on my desk. I am delighted with my product line. Thank you, OPA!”

Bea Dixon, Ph.D., CEO, Stand & Live, Inc., Care-In-Action Productions, Bainbridge Island, WA

“I have worked with Paul McNeese and his OPA colleagues for six continuous years, and in that time we have produced four books together in English, plus Spanish translation of one of them. Their expertise and good sense has always guided me, and it’s time to thank you for the very special effort you have devoted to producing quality work and keeping a smile on my face. How wonderful it is to know my dream can become reality through your help and knowledge. I feel safe knowing you take care of everything I need to see my beautiful books in print and available all over the world.”

 Dr. Monica Diedrich, “The Pet Communicator”, Author of the For Pet’s Sake, Do Something! Series, Anaheim Hills, CA

“I’ve published two books through OPA and have been delighted with the results. OPA has provided exceptional editing and production services, making sure that my books look and read professionally and are commercially marketable. Additionally, they have written superb promotional copy that inspires people to buy. I endorse the work of OPA without reservation.”

Lawrence Barkan, Sr. Consultant, Alameda Publishing, Tempe, AZ and Everett, WA

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“I am eternally grateful to Paul McNeese and OPA for publishing my book, The Secret to Abundance Consciousness.  He gave more than I expected. The new paperback edition continues to sell consistently, especially when I speak, teach classes, and do workshops. Paul is a genius with words, writing, learning, use of the computer and on-line marketing. Thank you!”

     Ann Miller, MFA, Author and Workshop Facilitator, Laguna Hills, CA

“Paul and OPA opened up a whole new world to me, and as I write, we’re still working at it. I love knowing that questions I ask will be researched, and answers will come back quickly. Old fashioned customer service still exists with OPA.  “All kinds of services — editing and proofreading, book design, pre-press production and printing coordination flow from Paul and his group seemingly without effort. With their help I have achieved far more than I would have thought possible — I have a book,  a “Kit” for Journal Writers, and we are working on more, including a second book that is currently in the proposal stage. Effectively, OPA is helping me ‘brand’ myself. It’s very clear to me that this work suits Paul, and he operates from his heart, which is important to me and to the work I do.”

Susan C. Meyn, Founder, Journal Magic, Scottsdale, AZ

 “Paul, your experience and help allowed Bob Stratman and me to publish the Stratmann Family History, a book that we are very proud of. I also deeply appreciate the front-to-back book production work OPA did with me and my fiction writing partner, Betty Durbin, publishing four novels on ‘Old Kentucky’ for us. Currently, I am currently (2007) writing a History of The Petermann family and would hope to involve you at some point, as well.  Thanks again.”

Ernest Matuschka, Ph.D., Author and Genealogist, Kearney, NE

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“Without OPA and Paul McNeese, my two books would never have come about.  I could do the writing, but the technical part of setting up a manuscript for print- on-demand publishing was totally beyond me. My two books, Letters to My Aunt: An Alzheimer’s Chronicle and Just A Penny’s Worth:Growing up in New York in the 1940s are attractive, professionally produced, and have had much success. I attribute all of the above to Paul’s patience, thoroughness and marketing capabilities.”

Penny Petersen, Author, Playwright, Desert State Publishing

 “Paul McNeese was very helpful to me in getting my book together. Although I had published over a hundred articles for the scientific literature, I had no experience in writing for the general public. Paul gave me some good advice in changing my writing style to accommodate my non-academic audience. Overall, the process of creating and realizing My Journey: Into, Through and Beyond the Ivory Tower was not too expensive, and as a retired professor it was something I wanted to do anyway.”

Milton J. Cormier, Ph.D., University of Georgia

 “I can’t say enough about the excellent service I received from OPA. They assisted me in every phase of my publishing process, from creative editing to marketing and everything in between. Being blind, I had some special needs, which OPA was only too happy to help me with. I would recommend them to anyone in need of self-publishing services.”

Steve Welker, Author, Speaker, Ahwatukee, AZ

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“First, Paul McNeese is an absolute delight to work with — or should I say, ‘with whom to work’? He is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and blessed with boundless energy. He has made a big difference in the five recent novels that I have published (2005 – 2012), and I could not recommend anyone more highly.”

C. Norman Noble, Ironwood Publishing, Redmond, WA

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