Out of Print?

If you are a published author whose book has gone out of print, for whatever reason, and if you would like to restore/republish your work, we can help.

This service is inexpensive and really quite simple. We can either scan your book and replicate it exactly as it was originally published (except for the possible need to apply a new ISBN number and re-register the book with the appropriate agencies), or we can do a completely new production (a revised edition) that will allow you to add content or to change earlier content.

Of course, you must own all rights to the work you wish to re-publish. We’ll be happy to advise you on this and work with you if permissions or revocations of rights are needed.

We can’t quote you an accurate price because costs will vary as a function of the original work; i.e., number of pages, illustrations, charts and graphs, interior design complexities, etc., but in general, our services are billed at $55 per hour, and a “clean” republish can usually be achieved with less than 20 hours of work.

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