Book Interior Design

Microsoft Word file(s) are the industry standard for manuscript submissions for design. There will be a charge for converting other file formats such as .pdf, .txt, or .docx. Re-design (or reconstruction) of previously published books can also be arranged.

We contract with a number of designers. In the main, their prices are based upon your fully edited MS Word manuscript, plus any graphics or other design elements, formatted into standard book page dimensions of any size. The price generally includes the following:

  • Traditional typographic craftsmanship using electronic tools;
  • Custom interior design based upon discussion and designer/client decisions;
  • Complete layout of all book pages consistent with manuscript content, with design geared to professional standards for clarity of presentation;
  • A typeset proof, provided electronically to the client for checking of our work and any required author alterations, changes, corrections, and deletions. One hour of author revisions and changes for each 100 typeset pages is included in the base price; additional revision time required will be charged at the designer’s hourly rate;
  • Final work product: Print-ready files for the printer.

Estimate (preliminary): $1.50 to $5.00 per final book page. The breadth of this price range reflects the enormous range of text and graphic complexity possible within any single book. For example, most fiction consists primarily of text, so the cost for this work is reflected at the low end of the scale. On the other hand, technical nonfiction is often far more complex, thus producing unique design challenges both in terms of the “look” of the material and how it is integrated into the text and displayed so as to amplify and explain the text. This is reflected by the higher end of the price scale.

For estimating purposes, about 350 words per printed page is an accepted standard word count for a 5.5 x 8.5-inch or a 6 x 9-inch text page of typeset copy. But, as indicated earlier, final editing costs may vary as a function of design needs such as the inclusion of photographs, illustrations, charts, graphs, etc. even in work that is primarily textual.

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