Book Printing Services

Yes, there are many complex details, lots of required knowledge, and a ton of supervision required to bring about the final triumph of having a published book, with your name on it, resting on your bookshelf or lying on your coffee table —  or downloadable to anyone’s computer or smartphone.

Printer Selection and Project Co-ordination

Depending upon the printing method selected, knowledge of printing and print suppliers is a vital financially based criterion for the successful publishing of a book. We specialize in Print-On-Demand printing (short-run), but we can also supply authenticated quotes from highly regarded book printers for clients who need or request traditional offset runs of 500 copies or more. Our print coordination service includes all liaison with printers, checking of printer’s proofs for technical errors, and coordination between author and printer for additions, deletions, corrections, and any other alterations to proofs.

Print-On-Demand runs may be paid directly to the printer by the author, or payments can be handled by our firm, where we set up a printing account for you with a recognized supplier. Offset (long-run) printing is always paid directly by the client to the printer. However, we will gladly review contracts and oversee compliance throughout the printing and delivery processes. (Note: Commercial printers usually require a 50% deposit with a new client’s initial order and the balance upon final sign-off of the proof set). Print-On-Demand suppliers always receive payment when a print order is submitted. Administrative Services: $50 per hour, as needed and requested.

 Galley Cover (short-run pre-publication print run for book reviewers)

If you plan to have your book reviewed in advance of publication (most reviewers want a copy of your book two to four months before it is released to the public), we can prepare a standard “plain galley” cover and have a short run made by one of our Print-On-Demand suppliers. Our one-time charge includes cover, spine and back cover, promotional copy and ISBN-EAN identification, retail pricing information, etc., as required by reviewers and booksellers. Print costs are billed and collected separately (see Printing Coordination, Print-On-Demand, above). $50 – one-time charge, plus digital short-run set-up and printing costs.

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