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Paul McNeese, BS, CFP (Ret.), is an author and an author services provider who runs his own company, OPA Author Services, through which he coordinates literary creative services and book production logistics for authors, aspiring authors, public speakers, and entrepreneurs who wish to bring their knowledge and expertise to the public through the power of words. His first book, Salespower through Successful Seminars (1984) isout of print because it is dated and much of the material in it is obsolete, but he has begun work on another book, Betterchange: 12 Keys to Personal and Professional Growth, which will see publication in mid-2013. He has also recently completed a CD set based on the newest version of his “Betterchange” seminar, which he will soon begin offering in the Phoenix area, mainly through churches and other spiritual organizations. Personally, Paul has more than 40 years of experience in educating and motivating individuals and groups as a broadcaster, seminar leader, author, publisher and speaker. An honors graduate of Northeastern University in Boston, Paul earned simultaneous undergraduate degrees in marketing and music and has done graduate work in psychology, economics and public policy at UCLA. A Certified Financial Planner (CFP) for many years (1982 – 1993), he is a graduate of the College for Financial Planning in Denver. In pursuit of other interests over the years, he also completed a two-year associate degree curriculum in counseling at Cypress College in Los Angeles and an advanced management program in not-for-profit financial management at California State University, Fullerton. Formerly a member of the now defunct Arizona Book Publishers Association and currently a member of many other literary organizations, he most enjoys working with authors and imaginative content producers, editing good writing, designing and supervising the design of book interiors and covers, and assembling and directing creative teams that take books from concept to cash register. Although he does not engage in services directly related to the marketing of books, he has assembled a consortium of experts in the many disciplines required for successful book marketing, publicity and promotion, and he adheres strongly to the conviction that the best – and most necessary – marketing ingredient (beyond the literary quality of the book itself) is the author!

Yes, You Have a Book Inside You. So?


OPAAS BookIf you’d like a concise summary of what’s contained on our site, why not get your hands on a copy of our little book, “Yes, You Have a Book Inside You. So?” It’s a compact version of all the basic information on this site (none of the posts, none of the articles, and none of the instructional items, of course).

It’s designed to be a quick-reference guide to the operations you’ll need to execute or supervise from the time you have that great book idea until the moment you receive the first printed copy of your work. It will also serve as a simplification device, making clear all the timelines, the relationships between and among all the separate functions that make up the pathway to publication for you, and the relative importance of each of the many “little” things that add up to the final expressions of your “big” idea.

The “little book” is available as a Smashwords download at http://bit.ly/ro2ght. Log in if you’re a member, or sign up (it’s free), then scroll down on the book page and decide which of the seven available platforms you’d like to download. Click on that one, and when you’re taken to the checkout page, enter the code LV58G to identify yourself as coming from this site and the regular $1.99 price will be reduced to $0.00.

Time (well spent) Is Money (not spent at all!)

First, full disclosure. I downloaded this item from somewhere a while back and failed to index it to its true source. Hence, no credit for the original creator – but if you are he/she, or if you know him/her, please inform me immediately so I can add proper credit for the material – but it’s so good I couldn’t resist publishing it here as soon as it popped up in one of my periodic tours through my directories of downloaded information for authors, writers, speakers and self-publishers. Now . . .

Want to save money and time when using a professional editor (which every author should do) or before you send a manuscript to an agent or publisher?

Then before you ever submit a manuscript or chapter, use this checklist Continue reading

Farther and further — an end to the discussion, I think

As an editor I am often challenged by authors regarding my use or interpretation of a given word in the English language. Most recently (and, somehow, repetitively) it’s been a seeming confusion between the words “farther” and “further.” I’ve been cobbling together explanations for my choice of each one in a given situation, but I ran across this short discussion in the online version of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:]

Farther and further have been used more or less interchangeably throughout most of their history, but currently they are showing signs of diverging. As adverbs they continue to be used interchangeably whenever spatial, temporal, or metaphorical distance is involved. But where there is no notion of distance, further is used <our techniques can be further refined>. Further is also used as a sentence modifier <further, the workshop participants were scarcely optimistic — L. B. Mayhew>, but farther is not. A polarizing process appears to be taking place in their adjective use. Farther is taking over the meaning of distance <the farther shore> and further the meaning of addition <needed no further invitation>.”

End of discussion — it works for me.

Helping authors to help other authors . . .

. . . that’s one of the objectives we are setting for this site and the first one we will implement. We’re gearing up to publish articles from authors with knowledge and experience they’d like to pass on to others . . . and all we will be asking is for 30-day exclusivity to promote and expose your article, after which you can republish it anywhere you’d like. We’re beginning by compiling a list of interested writers, soon after which we will  Continue reading

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