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It’s hard being an author — and even harder being a publisher (whether you’re writing books and self-publishing them or creating sales literature for your business or practice).

 Candid Profile Photo #1Author, businessperson, small publisher, self-publisher, teacher, professional speaker — we can assist you at every stage of the process of creating, developing and producing your literature product(s)– from creative consulting on the structure, intent and content of what you’re working on, through the endless details of moving your creation onto paper and into print and/or electronic final form. A consortium of affiliates can also work with you to publicize, advertise and promote your book in the marketplace, and as we do our work we keep constant contact with our marketing partners, whose input helps us to design and execute your creative project specifically for the people who ought to be reading it and responding to it.

 We’re all about making your job easier, allowing you to do what you do best while we take care of the rest. This site details our competencies and outlines the services we offer.

About Us

We started in 1984 with a single book and no intention whatsoever of publishing for others (or even writing a second book of our own). Book #1 was a successful effort, and over the following few years we sold self-published copies of $alespower through $uccessful $eminars to over 36,000 readers. Then we took a few years off to do other things — like watching kids grow up, earning another college degree, working in corporate America, and running a busy financial planning practice serving young professionals — never thinking that when it came time to retire (18 years later) we would be looking for something productive to do.

But that’s what happened. In 2002 — frustrated with “retirement” — we put together a little business called OPA Publishing to produce books for other people. Our reasoning, of course, was this: “Since we were successful with a book, why not make others successful in the same context?”

Well, it didn’t work quite that way. In fact, for almost a year we floundered, learning by trial and error and making most of the mistakes that are so common in the complicated publishing industry. But a combination of “phailure phobia” (we didn’t want to blow it!) and earnest study bolstered by good business coaching and a commitment to 12-15 working hours daily, brought us through it, and between 2002 and 2008, we published over 70 titles for more than 50 authors, some of whom have been quite successful—increasingly so as we have gotten better at what we do.

However, we decided — as 2008 hove into view — to get out of the full-service publishing business and to focus our work on providing specific and needed services for self-publishing authors and small publishers—work that they either should not or cannot do themselves, or that they simply choose not to do personally but that really must happen if their products are to be successful (in whatever ways they see success).

So now we’re ready for you! Take a look at our Basic Services. Perhaps you will see some things that you either didn’t know or didn’t know you needed. And then it will be time to contact us.

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