Yes, You Have a Book Inside You. So?


OPAAS BookIf you’d like a concise summary of what’s contained on our site, why not get your hands on a copy of our little book, “Yes, You Have a Book Inside You. So?” It’s a compact version of all the basic information on this site (none of the posts, none of the articles, and none of the instructional items, of course).

It’s designed to be a quick-reference guide to the operations you’ll need to execute or supervise from the time you have that great book idea until the moment you receive the first printed copy of your work. It will also serve as a simplification device, making clear all the timelines, the relationships between and among all the separate functions that make up the pathway to publication for you, and the relative importance of each of the many “little” things that add up to the final expressions of your “big” idea.

The “little book” is available as a Smashwords download at Log in if you’re a member, or sign up (it’s free), then scroll down on the book page and decide which of the seven available platforms you’d like to download. Click on that one, and when you’re taken to the checkout page, enter the code LV58G to identify yourself as coming from this site and the regular $1.99 price will be reduced to $0.00.